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Kwik Special Cements

Kwik Patch manufactures a wide variety of tyre repair chemicals. Our products are designed to help you maintain your tyres and be fully equipped to face any situation you find yourself in when it comes to dealing with tyre repair. We are one of the most trusted chemicals suppliers for tyre repair and a leading tyre repair chemical patches supplier

Product Code Product Name Ply Dimensions Qty/Box Action
KC-710 Kwik Lite FDC Clear 1000 ml 6
KC-711 Kwik Lite FDC Clear 250 ml 32
KC-712 Kwik HD Blue 250 ml 6
KC-713 Kwik HD Blue 1000 ml 6
KC-707 Kwik Klean 250 ml 32
KC-708 Kwik Klean 1000 ml 6
KC-709 Kwik Bead Sealer 1000 ml 6
KC-705 Kwik Repair Sealer 250 ml 6
KC-706 Kwik Repair Sealer 1000 ml 6